Sandpoint Beach Day

Thursday, Jun. 28, 10am-1pm @ Sandpoint City Beach


 Sanders Beach Day

Friday, Jul. 6, 1-4pm @ Sanders Beach, The east section of the beach in front of the big white Jewett House. NOT the small section of beach at the end of 10th Street.

 Black Bay Beach Day

Monday, Jul. 9, 10am-1pm @ Black Bay Park

 Emerald Creek Garnet Dig

Monday, Jul. 9, 10am @ Emerald Creek Star Garnet Forest Service Area

 Farragut Beach Day

Tuesday, Jul. 17, 1-4pm @ Farragut Sate Park (trailhead to beach off of SUNRISE DAY USE AREA not Beaver Bay)

 Johnson Mill River Beach Day

Wednesday, Jul. 25, 10am-1pm @ Johnson Mill River Park


 Q’emiln Beach Day

Wednesday, Aug. 1, 10am-1pm @ Q’emiln Park

  NIC Beach Day

Thursday, Aug. 9, 1pm-4pm @ Dike Rd/NIC beach (near the volleyball court)

 Honeysuckle Beach Day

Friday, Aug. 17, 10am-1pm @ Honeysuckle Beach. Located on the very east end of Honeysuckle Avenue in Hayden.