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"Costco for lunch then caravan to Tubbs Hill for a hike" was not found in the list of known destinations.
Costco for lunch then caravan to Tubbs Hill for a hike

Event:Costco Lunch and Tubbs Hill Hike
Day:Friday, Oct 6, 2017
Time:12 noon
Cost:$1.50 hot dog lunch at Costco or go in together on a pizza
Details:Let's eat out together! That's right. No dirty dishes, floors or counter tops to clean THAT afternoon!!! HOW?!...WHEN?!... you ask?

Costco at 12 noon on Friday, October 6th. We can do the $1.50 hot dog & drink, go in together on pizza, etc.

AND, so we won't have to feel guilty, we will caravan to Tubbo...oops, I mean Tubbs Hill & go for a hike! :)

Hope to see you all there!