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Event:Round Lake State Park Hike
Day:Wednesday, Oct 7, 2020
Cost: If you do not have a State Park Pass on your vehicle already, you will need to pay a $5 day use fee.
Location:See the newsletter for meetng time and location
Details:Hiking and trail exploration!
Enjoy an autumn stroll at Round Lake as we explore the trails. Autumn can bring clear sky views, vibrant tree colors, gorgeous sunsets and breath-taking inspiration in God’s beautiful creation.

Round Lake is a 58 acre lake where flocks of Canadian geese fly over towering pine. Hikers will discover beaver lodges, and may see a glimpse of bullfrogs, ducks as they cast for rainbow trout or bass.

Please RSVP by Wednesday Sept 30th

Bring: binoculars, water, poncho just in case, (perhaps in a backpack for easy carrying)