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Event:Orchard Apple Picking and so much more!
Day:Friday, Sep 20, 2019
Cost:Pricing: Menu pricing and activities vary: for menu For produce prices
Location:Greenbluff Farms
Address:8518 E GreenBluff Rd Colbert, WA 99005
Details:Breathe in the beautiful gift of autumn breezes, enjoy sweet sunshine and nature at the lovely High Country Orchard! This is a sweet Christian-owned farm with a lovely café and shop, petting zoo area, and small train and play set for the wee ones.

About High Country Orchard...

Located in beautiful Green Bluff, WA our incredible gift shop, bistro and country farm await you to create a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Just 10 minutes north of town lies a little community known as Green Bluff. This is a place where neighbors still know each other by name, where farmers open their doors to sell their produce to friends and where you can sit down and let the cares of city life fade away. A great tourist or family play day destination.

Set right in the middle of all the Green Bluff activity is our incredible gift shop with one of a kind items and freshly-picked produce. This is the place to get a gigantic peach ice cream cone, huckleberry scone or freshly baked apple pie. Or grab a box and head out to the orchard to pick whatever is in season. You can walk around or hitch a cart ride.

Children love to see the chickens and climb the play structures. Make sure to pick up a wide variety of fresh Washington produce, all at prices that you will love!

​Please respond via e-mail by September 13th (reservations provided primarily for larger groups): to Jenny