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Event:Cocolalla Family Camp
Day:Friday, Aug 17, 2018
Time:4pm Friday- 2pm Sunday
Cost:$85/couple, $10/Child, Fee caps at $125. Adult Children (18 and over) register separately as a single adult at $65
Location:Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp
Address:209 Cocolalla Loop Rd P.O. Box 106 Cocolalla, ID 83813
Details:Escape the distractions of everyday life to the relaxing shores of Lake Cocolalla. Kids and adults will enjoy well-programmed activities as well as plenty of free time to play with the family. You will be encouraged by the Word of God and fellowship with your family in Christ! *All ages are welcome!

There are cabins, RV sites and Tent sites available. I have also heard it is a good idea to bring outdoor chairs to hang out under the trees or by the water. Also snacks, if your family may need them between meals.

Here is their website for more info and to register.

A whole weekend of family entertainment and meals made by someone else! Wahoo!