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Event:Emerald Creek Garnet Dig
Day:Monday, Jul 9, 2018
Cost: $1 per person
Location:Emerald Creek Star Garnet Forest Service Area
Address:(32 miles SE of St Maries near Clarkia, ID)
Details:Here is the link to the forest service website with information, a map and directions:

This will be a fun and messy morning of digging through the soil looking for star garnets! There is a short hike up the half mile trail to the sluice area. Please bring plenty of water, snacks and sunscreen as well as clean clothes to change into after we finish.

Contact Carly Gregory for more information and to RSVP

There is also an opportunity to swim at the St. Maries outdoor city pool after the dig. Gretchen's family will be planning to swim. It is $2/person