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Event:Eagle watching at Higgins Point
Day:Monday, Dec 10, 2018
Cost:Free for eagle watching, hot chocolate afterward is optional
Location:Higgins Point
Address:The far east end of Lake Shore Drive. There is a link for a map below.
Details:Bring your binoculars, snow suits, stocking caps and mittens! It is really windy and cold on the edge of the lake in December. We will meet at the far end of the parking lot to look for eagles, and then meander up the walkway to the end of the trail, watching for eagles as we go!

The eagle count last December 7th 2017 was 372! Here is the link for the official website:

Once we have watched for about and hour let's go to a local coffee shop for a hot chocolate, coffee or tea and share our photos.

Here is the link to the map:'Alene%20Parkway/Location%20Map%20Coeur%20d'Alene%20Lake%20Parkway%20State%20Park%20%202-2009.pdf