Here you will find upcoming field trips and special events. INCH members can sign up on co-op days or by contacting a Field Trip Coordinator or INCH Board Member. Please see submission and participation guidelines.

Event: Lake Day: Black Bay Park
Day:Monday, Jul 3, 2017
Time: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Location:Black Bay Park, Post Falls (off Bay St. in the cove)
Address:1200 block of East 3rd Avenue, Post Falls
Details:We will meet at the beach in the cove.

Black Bay Park is located on the 1200 block of East 3rd Avenue (accessible at 2 entrances), one off 3rd and one at the end of Bay St.

Please RSVP to Linda Bobbitt, unless otherwise noted. If the field trip has a limited number of participants, she will fill the spots in the order that she receives the e-mails. She will respond to your e-mail to confirm your participation. If your family will be absent from a field trip for any reason, please notify Linda by e-mail or phone. The e-mail reminder she will send within 2-3 days beforehand may include parking instructions, maps, or other details. Please check your e-mail shortly before the day of, to ensure you don't miss any important information. Sign-ups and money are usually due by the Monday prior to the trip, either by mail (P.O. Box 1194, Rathdrum, ID 83858) or in person at co-op.

Linda would love your input on field trip ideas. Please contact her with your ideas or leave a suggestion for a field trip in the "field trip suggestion bag/box", on one of the main tables. Also, if anyone would like to volunteer to co-organize field trips with Linda, please contact her.