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Event:Homeschool Used Curriculum Sale
Day:Wednesday, Jun 7, 2017
Cost:Free to shop
Location:The Frog Church (aka Covenant United Methodist Church)
Address:15515 Gleneden, Spokane
Details:Shopper Info:
Free to attend, browse, and shop. There are new and used books, curriculum, posters, educational games, puzzles, manipulatives, and so much more. Buy and ask questions from parents who have used the curriculum.

There will be a "Free Used Curriculum" table. Anyone can add to it or take from it during the sale.

There is no childcare available. You are totally responsible for your own children at all times. Everyone is expected to respect the church's property and stay out of areas where we are not allowed to be.

Used Curriculum Seller Info:
Each space is approximately 7' x 9'.
When you arrive to set up your items, you can select your space.
Vendor Limit: 40 indoor vendors, 40 outdoor vendors
If you want more than one space, you must choose an outdoor space. One indoor space per person.
You are welcome to bring tables, small book shelves, and displays.
The church has only 12 rectangular tables and 16 round tables to use. Request a table on the online registration form.
There are chairs for the indoor spaces only. Outdoor vendors must bring their own chairs.
Set up begins at 8 am. Clean up ends at 3pm.
Since you are responsible to make your own transactions, bring small bills and coins to make change. Most people bring $20 bills so come prepared for that.
Space Cost: Free, if you show up. There is a $10 registration fee per space that will be fully refunded after the sale, as long as you show up. If you register, pay, and don’t show up, the $10 will be donated to the church.
If you register for an outdoor space and the weather is bad or questionable on the sale date, you can have a full refund if you contact Exploring Families before 10 am on June 7.

Details and Registration
Kelly Clark
Exploring Families®, LLC, Educational & Fun Activities for Kids & Families

Please RSVP to Linda Bobbitt, unless otherwise noted. If the field trip has a limited number of participants, she will fill the spots in the order that she receives the e-mails. She will respond to your e-mail to confirm your participation. If your family will be absent from a field trip for any reason, please notify Linda by e-mail or phone. The e-mail reminder she will send within 2-3 days beforehand may include parking instructions, maps, or other details. Please check your e-mail shortly before the day of, to ensure you don't miss any important information. Sign-ups and money are usually due by the Monday prior to the trip, either by mail (P.O. Box 1194, Rathdrum, ID 83858) or in person at co-op.

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