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Event:Siemers Farm Tour
Day:Friday, Oct 20, 2017
Time:10:30 am
Cost:$8.50ea for PreK-adult for the self guided farm tour
Location:Siemers Farm
Address:11125 E Day Mt Spokane Rd, Mead, WA 99021
Details:Plan on:
Pre-K to adult for just $8.50 each.
The Siemers Farm Tour is an Experiential Tour with a guide at every activity and is planned around a mini-curriculum designed so children and adults alike will become aware of the 5 Learning Goals.

The tour begins as you pick-up a numbered farm map, enter the Kingdom of Id, and walk along paths bordered by tall corn stalks and lush green shrubs on you way to the four-story Magical Castle. On the third floor of the castle you can take in a fabulous view of Green Bluff and mountain ranges. While gazing over the farm, use a treasure map to locate the Pirate's Treasure Chest, ("X" marks the spot), take your share of the loot, and don't forget to board the Pirate Ship as you leave the Maze. While on tour take a Train Ride, Pedal Car Ride and Slide Ride (weather permitting), then choose a Pumpkin, play the Feed the Pigs beanbag game, and watch an informative Pollination Video.

(#2) Simply grabbing some pumpkins & other fun things available.


(#3) All of the above!

*** Bring a sack lunch and remember to pray for sunshine!!!! ***

Please RSVP to Linda Bobbitt, unless otherwise noted. If the field trip has a limited number of participants, she will fill the spots in the order that she receives the e-mails. She will respond to your e-mail to confirm your participation. If your family will be absent from a field trip for any reason, please notify Linda by e-mail or phone. The e-mail reminder she will send within 2-3 days beforehand may include parking instructions, maps, or other details. Please check your e-mail shortly before the day of, to ensure you don't miss any important information. Sign-ups and money are usually due by the Monday prior to the trip, either by mail (P.O. Box 1194, Rathdrum, ID 83858) or in person at co-op.

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